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  •  Email Testimonial | by David R

Dear Laru Ni Hati,

I moved from ABQ from NYC and really struggled to find someone who could cut my hair well. It got so bad I was ready to resign myself to just trying to find someone who wouldn’t do a terrible job.

Then I found Dyan.

I am 34 years old and I’ve never encountered a more talented hair stylist. My hair is not easy to cut well. My hair is curly and thick and sort of wild. My head is oddly shaped and ideally I use my hair shape to conceal this fact. Typically I’ve had to go to a stylist many times before he or she could manage to even approximate some measure of success. In NYC, Ifound a guy who was great but he charged close to $200.00.

Dyan has cut my hair twice. The first time she cut my hair it was the best haircut I’d ever received in my entire life. I am not exaggerating. Now, I just returned from my second appointment with her and I am equally pleased. Simply amazing.

She is extremely talented and everyone should know.

Best, David R

  •  Yelp Review | by Cristi F
Just got another fabulous haircut from Greg. I have short wavy hair and he always gets it right. I get many compliments for months after. I live in Oakland now but I always make an appointment to see Greg while I’m in town. I also love the fact that I can eat and have a nice glass of wine while I wait.
  • Yelp Review | by Samantha M
I have been to Laru several times over the years and have always been very happy with the results. Most recently, I received a beautiful highlight job by Diane! The environment is very hip and the atmosphere is relaxed with lush lounge music playing in the background. And, if you’re hungry while getting your hair done, the Cuban cafe in Laru is wonderful, as well. It is truly a treasure in abq. I’m very proud to be a client here!
  • Great Haircuts along Central | by deamonthorm at Citysearch
I’m not always the best at telling people what I want from a haircut. I tend to only have a vague sense of what I’d like from a haircut. La Runi Hati has done a very good job of taking my vague ramblings and turning out nice, professional haircuts. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants a quality haircut in Albuquerque.
  • Editorial review from Citysearch | by ellep390387284 at Citysearch
A law student cuts my hairwe talk legal precedent and cuban foodart nouveau meets central avenue sidewalk cafepool table over lexan floorvintage salon chairs, fine wine, spa salad, edgy art, silent moviesI love this place.more importantly,I’ve never had a bad hair cut or color.When I walk out, I feel like a million bucks.
  • Yelp Review | by Lucas L
A New Feel at an established Nob Hill location. I have come here for hair cuts and I have never been let down. Their stylists are fantastic, hip and know what they are doing.
In addition to that you can sip champagne while you wait, eat fried bananas, and make new friends.
It also is turning its focus towards a happy-hour spot. The diggs are nice, you can play pool, read, and get your early drink on before heading out to a proper bar.
This is a prefect pre-gaming place to meet friends before a crazy night out in Nob Hill.
  • Google+ Review | by Ramona D
Living with dark brown hair for years, I decided to change things up a little and highlight my hair blond. As a women of color, there aren’t many places to go in ABQ and the few “black” hair salons here were not easily accessible nor available. Randomly searching online, I came across Laru Ni Hati. I figured I’d check it out and possibly have a consultation although I didn’t expect much for my hair type. I walked in on a Saturday without calling and spoke with Toney. I explained to him my reservations for my hair type, the color scheme I was going for, and my nervousness since I’d never colored my hair before. That’s when it took off. Toney was very excited to do it and pitched in his ideas for what would look best for me. His eagerness and willingness made me feel completely comfortable and excited to get it done. We set up an appointment for the next day. On Sunday when I arrived, I asked him again if he still wanted to highlight my hair and he said he did. He even told me how he spent some time the night before and the morning of researching the colors and the color placement. With that being said, we turned the mirrors around (because I wanted to be surprised) and Toney got to work. During the process, he was extremely gentle and paid very good attention to detail. When he finished, I LOVED IT! My hair was blow dryed straight really well and the color was amazing! Without a doubt, I’d go back and for sure I’d recommend Toney for anyone who’d like to add color to their hair. For what its worth, I received several compliments from my friends and coworkers and over 100 likes for my ‘new hair color’ picture on my social networks. The environment here is great and the hair stylists are very knowledgeable in their trade. Definitely happy with this hair salon!
  • Google+ Review | by Ellen B
Always a warm welcome. Consistent high-quality cuts and color from Greg for over 4 years now, plus great service from all staff. Chill music, too!
  • Yelp Review | Kate S
Highlights are extremely difficult to do well, as I have experienced here in Albuquerque. Even the most talented colorists, after hours of work, have left my (naturally mousy brown) hair covered in chunky, obvious streaks. The natural-looking multidimensional color (which is of course far from natural and takes a lot of talent to pull off!) seen in magazines on stars like Blake Lively is what I covet, and I had resigned myself to thinking that hair like this would never happen for me here.

In November I went to a decent-for-albuquerque salon and got some decent-for-albuquerque highlights: chunky, stripey, and brassy, they did not mesh with my personal style and it took careful styling to conceal the sharp, straight line of root growth left by the foils. I wanted to fix this, but I knew it would not be easy. I did not want decent-for-albuquerque hair anymore. I wanted amazing hair. So…
I have three words for you: LARU NI HATI. They were not voted one of the country’s best salons by Elle magazine for no reason. This is a world-class place in every sense. From the amazing, hard to find product lines stocked (Davines and Diptyque), to the vintage barbershop chairs and the fact that complimentary lattes are brought to you while you get beautified, these are reasons enough to visit. Trust me–you will feel like a glamorous goddess getting your hair done here.
But of course the real reason to visit is the incredible work they do. Like I said, I wanted amazing, flawless blonde hair and came in as a brassy Before with two inches of roots and chunks of uneven highlights everywhere. My colorist, Toney, is quite literally a genius. He carefully painted my whole head using the balayage technique, only painting a strand or two at a time in many, many sections all over my head. No foils were used, and no cap. When I looked in the mirror, it looked like there was no bleach on my head. That is how subtle it was. After sitting under the heat lamp and being shampooed and conditioned, a toner was applied to my whole head to draw out the brassiness and give a more icy and cool color. Toney then trimmed my ends and gave me a gorgrous, swingy blowout. When i looked in the mirror at my new color, I almost cried. I was so excited that I gave Toney a hug.
I have magazine-cover hair. Blonde does not get any better this. This is my dream hair. It is flawless, multidimensional, and somehow natural. I never dreamed my hair could look like this. I feel beautiful! And I AM!
Please do yourselves a favor and visit Laru Ni Hati. You will leave as the best version of yourself you have ever seen.

  • Google+ Review | by Myra W

I recently moved to Albuquerque and just had my hair done by Tony at Laru ni Hati. Because I teach during the week, scheduling an appointment on Sunday is perfect and so convenient. Tony is amazing, and (more importantly) my hair looks amazing. I came to the appointment with a complicated set of colors in my hair – some were highlights, plus some sort of color blocking/not quite all over color, etc… and the texture of my hair is pretty unique (super curly and coarse looking, but when it’s straight it is actually pretty fine…) Tony masterfully dealt with the coloring, evening it out, and lightening it a little without punishing my hair and drying it out, and he wasn’t scared of straightening and cutting my hair. I feel silly for freaking out about getting a new hair stylist, in a new city, and going through my likes and wants, and building a rapport because it was so easy to do here. The ambience is cool and fits in well with the rest of the Nob Hill establishments. The location is great, Tony is great, my hair is great – smiles all around!

  • Google+ Review | by Gloria Kozeliski

Greg is awesome! His energy and style is a couple of the fantastic things about my experience with coming into the business. Greg’s artistic ability to cute hair is beyond words. Thank you Greg!

  • Google+ Review | by  Craig Vencill

… been coming here since 1994. Seriously!

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